View Full Version : IE 6 and tabs initial layout

9 Feb 2007, 1:11 PM
First, I apologize for using IE 6...

In the examples (on your site and in the download), when I open a dialog with tabs - for example from hello.html - the tabs do not display. If I resize the dialog horizontally (even by 1 pixel) they appear and all is well.

Interestingly, in another example - blog.html - when you select the "post comment" link, it behaves poorly, but if you use the "view comments" link to display the dialog with the second tab active, the tabs display perfectly. It could be because this example is appending to the dom with the list of comments and that helps...

I acknowledge that this problems does not occur in Firefox!

I am eager to use this stuff in an existing application, but I need to resolve this as most of my users are still IE 6. If anyone has fixed it, it could save me some time fiddling with this amazing code.

19 Feb 2007, 1:06 PM

Don't know (don't care) why, but this problem seems to have gone away in the ext 1.0 code.

So, great job fixing this...!