View Full Version : How to specify JS file loading order in EXT 3.4.0

22 Jun 2012, 7:41 PM
Hello allIs there any way I can specify the order in which JS files will get included in EXT 3.4 application? I read about Ext.loader though was not able to understand much about it. A small explanation about this will greatly be appreciated.ThanksSamir

22 Jun 2012, 9:45 PM

JavaScript files should load in sequence order as you use them in your application.
If all of the files have been loaded upon time execution, the order of loading does not matter for the application but compiling of scripts may took time.

If your application contains dependencies between modules or something, then set up your dependencies so you can load and set up all your modules/pages when the javascript file gets loaded.

you can setup your dependencies between files by using self executing function, i.e. call init or equivalent function in your modules/pages in a ready.