View Full Version : need to get the idea behind the link...

9 Jan 2008, 11:05 AM
I tried to go through all the examples from the 1.1v and 2.0v, but i just can't find how the links work. for example, if you have a triple border layout, how is it possible to click on the left panel and show on the right(center) side? I don't get how the links works...

I work mostly with php/mysql, is the anyway an example can be posted in php/mysql to back that example up.

2.) in the Grid/Trees grouping, there is no download file for the php in .js(javascript) included. how is the php been setup, i have no clue on how the php is been layout to work with the grid grouping. I tried to use my own php code, but it didn't work.


9 Jan 2008, 11:43 AM
As far as links go, what you need to do is to add a 'click' listener to your west panel which kicks off a function in your center panel. The function then fills in content or whatever. Make sure your west panel is loaded before attempting to add listeners.