View Full Version : Pause scene 1 at end, start scene 2 with click?

2 Jul 2012, 4:59 PM
Watched video for version1.0, but I am using the current 1.3 version. In 1.0, the scene boxes had a little play, pause, and scene# button you could change on the right side of the scene boxes at the bottom of the animator. I am looking to play a scene and at the conclusion of the scene, have it pause. Scene 2 would then start with a mouse click and pause at it's conclusion, scene 3 would start with a mouse click and so on & so forth. Is this achievable with 1.3 as I no longer see these easy buttons located on the scene boxes.

This is what I'm looking to duplicate.

It would need to pause on each slide, then navigate to next slide once screen is touched.

5 Jul 2012, 8:28 AM
Yes, the play/pause icons in version 1.0 was deprecated in favor of the actions which are more configurable.
Now, the default is that the scene will stop playing when done (e.g. paused). For any object on the screen (in base state) you can go the the properties -> action group and set an action. E.g. for example you can set a "go to scene" action for a click event for your object to advance to next scene.
If you want a second scene to play automatically, you can set the "end" action of the first scene to "go to next scene".