View Full Version : Combo box value disappears after double click

4 Jul 2012, 4:04 AM
Hi. I have a a grid panel with a filed , which uses a combo box as editor. (When I click on the cell it transforms into combo box with value). Nothing complicated . Everything very basic according to sencha examples. When I see combo box I can double click on the value . After this I click on ANY other cell in the grid and the value in combo box disappears!!

If I click again on the combo the value is seen again.

What could be a problem? Or some kind of a workaround?

4 Jul 2012, 6:51 AM
Hi conderon,

I guess you getting problem for displaying combobox value, normally such type of problem can be solved by giving render config to respective column. For example

columns: [
header: 'Header',
dataIndex: 'myID',
editor: myCombo, // your combobox reference
renderer: function (value) {
var record = myCombo.findRecord(myCombo.valueField, value);
return record ? record.get(myCombo.displayField) : myCombo.valueNotFoundText;