View Full Version : Parent Nodes data is not getting posted to the Server when dynamically appending node

23 Jul 2012, 12:49 AM
Hi All,
I am using ExtJS-4.1.0. I am using tree panel to depict the hierarchical data.
1) Initially when a web page is loading i am loading data in 2 levels( Parent Nodes and their Child)
2) When user tries to expand any child node i am dynamically creating a node and appending it as a child node to the node on which click action is performed.
3)When child nodes are created dynamically if i modify (edited) any fields of the parent node (for the node on which,child node is created and appended dynamically) and performing save operation using "sync" method, it is not posting the data to the server. Even "store.getModifiedRecords()" method also not retrieving the modified parent nodes data.
Can any one please suggest me how can i make the parent nodes data posted to the server. It will be highly appreciated if some provides the working solution.