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23 Jul 2012, 1:53 AM
Is there any complex to implement ExtJs in ASp.net C# because we are going to develop very big application

23 Jul 2012, 6:56 AM
At the end of the day .. you just need to use JSON format to communicate with your server. As long as you send/receive the data in JSON, it does not matter what backend you use.

There are numerous examples online as well as the website I provided that specializes in ASP.net that can use used for example code.

I am not sure what else you are looking for other than someone providing you with a large application that has already been developed. That most likely will not happen unless you get lucky.


23 Jul 2012, 8:47 PM
Dear Scott,

Now am developing the application using EXTJS with ASP.NET I need to achieve so many complex functionality. For example in JSON method has to return multiple Datatypes (objects,Lists,sometimes string or string array) Is it Possible ?

Then JSON has to bind in grid on using the Ext.store with matching the fields, after that based on client selecting the grid row I want to use the Ajax.Call.request in POST method. Here my request has not going back to the server. Its shows the internal server error.Some times I also receive " H is null in Ext.debug.js file" please provide your suggestion as how to achieve this?

Without using the "IFrame" I need to bind the ASP.NET page in one of the Tab in Ext.Tab panel ?

If these things are not possible in EXTJS , then I can simply move on to EXT.NET.

I referred the EXT.NET site and it states that the EXT JS library of version for 3.4 is only used in

Scott May i know what is the different between EXTJS and EXT.NET because i need to explain my client. Kindly let me know.

Which one is better to implement with ASP.NET C# ? EXTJS or EXT.NET ?

I am waiting for your reply.

Thanks ,

24 Jul 2012, 6:42 AM
EXT.NET is a 3rd party that integrates ExtJS with ASP.NET

As for the ASP.NET questions, this is something that you will have to search around, as this is not a language that I use, so I cannot comment.

If you are receiving errors on your transfer of data, it is most likely you have a error in your code design and something is getting corrupted based on your error.

I would recommend ExtJS. From the ASP.NET applications I have seen, they seem a bit sluggish.

This all depends on your personal needs. You may have to conduct some more testing before you make a decision that is best for you and your company.

If the project is as big as you say it is, it may be wise for you to hire a consultant that is familiar with ExtJS _and_ ASP.NET to get you pointed in the right direction.


24 Jul 2012, 10:03 AM

Ext JS work better with Asp.Net and C#. If the application your are planning to develop does not hitting MS SQL extensively then all your stuff will work smoothly.

JSON is the main medium of data communication. You need to develop dynamic JSON as per the need. If you are comfortable with all those stuffs then I like to suggest you to go for EXT JS. You are free to use the power of EXT JS 4.X