View Full Version : ExtJs Chart: Representing Lage and Small values in the same Graph

23 Jul 2012, 6:59 PM

I am implementing a Mixed chart (Stacked Column Graph, Line graph without fill, line graph with fill).

Line graph- with fill - Savings
Line Graph - without fill - Income

3 Stacked column bar chart to represent, budget, expenditure and over spending respectively over a period of a year showing monthly ( month on the bottom and the Money on the left)

The chart shows beautifully without any issues, if the Savings is small.

For example: If a person has an initial savings of $40,000 and Income of $6000, expenditure $3500 etc even until 70, 000 - 80,000, it shows up the graph neatly.

The problem i am facing is this:

If a person has a saving of say $1 Million, the graph is not shown clearly for the lower values, i.e the lower expenditure etc.

Is it possible to set a cut-off value, example, the graph will represent values from 0 to say $80,000, then the next value can be marked to start from $1 Million, preferably with a graphic( eg: scissors)?

Is this possible to achieve in the Sencha graphs?