View Full Version : Problem with Using Keyboard Arrow Keys to Select Dataview Records

31 Jul 2012, 7:41 AM
I want a user to input a query into a search form and have the results displayed below in a dataview. I then want the first dataview record programatically selected and then the user can use the arrow keys to move the dataview selection around the displayed records. All this WITHOUT using the mouse to click on a record. The problem I'm having is the view.select() only highlights the record but does not allow the arrow keys to be used afterwards to change the selection. View.select() does not appear to produce the same results as when a user physically uses the mouse to select a record. In the latter case, the arrow keys work perfectly to change the selection. I've tried all the focus() type methods but with no improvements. Is there any way to use the arrow keys to change the dataview selection so the user never has to touch the mouse to select the first record?