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1 Aug 2012, 4:55 PM
The error I am talking about is:

[ERROR] Error thown from your application with message: Error: [Ext.Loader] Failed loading 'sdk/src/data/reader/Array.js', please verify that the file exists

In dev mode everything works just fine but when you try to compile things, in Sencha Touch 2 projects, with both Windows versions of SDK Tools, command ends like in the upper snippet.

After many hours I spotted my problem. Maybe yours is the same.

My application is making use of an authenticatiob api, using Oauth2, so in the early stages, like in application launch, I am checing if the application has an access_token or I have to obtain a new one. That is happening by redirectig the browser to some other url. And this is the point where the sencha sdk tools crash.

Solution was simple for me, it was enough to delay the eventually redirection some milliseconds, and move it out from launch method.

launch: function() {
window.FB= this.getController('FB');
// Destroy the #appLoadingIndicator element
this.nav = Ext.Viewport.add({xtype:'navigationview'});

var params = Ext.Object.fromQueryString(window.location.hash.substr(1));
//init authentication

so better keep the launch method lite and defer the other initialisations otherway the sdk tools might cause you frustrations :)

1 Aug 2012, 5:07 PM
nice pickup!