View Full Version : Extracting datas from xml

1 Aug 2012, 10:49 PM
Hi All,

The below is the format of xml that i am getting .Please show me how it can be extracted to fill in a combo.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>< :LUT xmlns: ="lutid=0">
<RECORD xmlns="row=&quot;0&quot;">
<FIELD xmlns="id=&quot;0&quot;">A< xmlns="FIELD" />
<FIELD xmlns="id=&quot;1&quot;">A< xmlns="FIELD" />
< xmlns="RECORD" />
<RECORD xmlns="row=&quot;1&quot;">
<FIELD xmlns="id=&quot;0&quot;">B< xmlns="FIELD" />
<FIELD xmlns="id=&quot;1&quot;">B< xmlns="FIELD" />
< xmlns="RECORD" />
<RECORD xmlns="row=&quot;2&quot;">
<FIELD xmlns="id=&quot;0&quot;">C< xmlns="FIELD" />
<FIELD xmlns="id=&quot;1&quot;">C< xmlns="FIELD" />
< xmlns="RECORD" />

Thanks in advance,