View Full Version : Own layout work under 4.0.7, but not under 4.1.1

7 Aug 2012, 7:06 AM

for a project I created my own layout. I call it "AbsoluteTable", because you can fill it like the table layout with items, that have "col-/rowspan"s, but it resulted in a Absolute layout, with absolute positioned components. That is very handy for forms with different kinds of input elements, like "textarea" (colspan: 2, rowspan: 2) or "combobox" (colspan: 2). And there are some other addionall "gimmicks". If you want, I can post it!

This layout works perfectly under 4.0.7. Now I want to use it under 4.1.1 and I spend now 3 days without getting anything to work. I try to understand the other 4.1.1 layouts, but there are so nested with this Ext.layout.Layout and Ext.layout.Context and Ext.layout.ContextItem and the fact that a layout first will only be internally rendered and then real and so on and on and on (sorry... but I'm currently a little bit aggressiv, because nothing will work as I will :-) ).

Now my question: Is there a howto or guideline, where someone describes how to move a layout from 4.0.7 to 4.1.1. Or can someone help me with this point? And don't give me the hint "use vbox/hbox for this". For my project I ONLY can use this kind of layout, otherwise I had to rewrite the complete server-part!

Thanks and best regards,

Tobias Wagener

7 Aug 2012, 12:45 PM
To be honest, layouts in 4.07 were broken and would forgive a lot of mistakes. When moving to 4.1, these problems/mistakes were not allowed and it gives the appearance the 4.1 broke your layout.

If you are having problems, you could perhaps download our Architect and use it to design your layout and review the code.

If this does not help, you would need to post a screen of what it looks like in 4.07 and the difference in 4.1 and perhaps a small test case.


7 Aug 2012, 10:38 PM

please excuse my first post. It was my fault that it was not working. I have worked the whole time on the resources files of 4.0.7. After changing the rescoures to 4.1.1 everything works fine.

Thanks for your answer and please excuse again!