View Full Version : CellEditing with Locked column - Tab change throws an error

8 Aug 2012, 12:17 AM
I have a grid with 10 columns. First 4 columns are locked and non-editable and remaining 6 are editable.
Normally, while editing if user press TAB key, control changes to next cell in editable mode.
But I am getting the error -
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getHeaderAtIndex' of undefined

If I remove Locked attribute from all columns, TAB key works correctly. Is there anyway to make TAB functionality working with locked columns.

This might be a possible bug.
I'm using the below -
Sencha Architect 2.0
ExtJS 4.0.7
Gridpanel, CellEditingPlugin, CellSelectionModel


8 Aug 2012, 10:08 AM
Please try this with 4.1.1 GA. Please note that 4.07 suffers from many bugs.


9 Aug 2012, 8:06 PM
Thanks Scott.
Just one more question... Since ours is a big application (already few pages are built), how much impact will it make to upgrade from 4.0.7 to 4.1.1 ?


9 Aug 2012, 8:15 PM
This all depends on your application. I seen reports of no issue to several issues that took some time due to the problems that were allowed in 4.07. Most of the problems were layout issues where 4.07 simply allowed bad behavior. After some tweaking, all was fine.


22 May 2013, 2:08 AM
Were you able to get some working solution for locked columns with tab navigation ?

We are also facing the same issue. In 4.2 version RowEditing in the locked columns is possible but i want it for CellEditing.

Thank You