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9 Aug 2012, 11:44 AM
So I like the KickFu interactive demo. Was that created with Animator alone? I'd like to create similar interactive, and then multiscene experiences with Animator, but I was curious if any additional app was used in it's creation.

For background, I am a game dev that utilizes the Unity 3d platform. Clearly, interactive html5 apps are a different animal. So I am trying to figure out exactly how far I can push with Animator. Say, if I were creating a kid's book for iBooks. And it was on mad scientists. I may wish to create a HTML widget they could tap that would have a 'mad scientist machine' with buttons that would trigger animation, or sounds. Would this be doable with Animator?


9 Aug 2012, 2:23 PM
Yes, the kickfu can be all done within animator. However, it does rely on a lot of JS to provide sounds and game logic etc. Some people might prefer to do most of the JS editing in their favorite code editor.

Animator 1.3 supports adding an external js file, that you can edit externally, and will be included on export. Animations are currently static and belongs to each scene, so interactive animations can be slightly more difficult. However the export is all simple js and css, so if you want to do something outside the realm of animator with the exported files that is definitely possible.

I believe you can download the demos from the product page, and there is a free trial of Animator if you want to try it out. Also check out our docs for more information

9 Aug 2012, 3:01 PM
Hey Thanks.... appreciate the help. One more question. Would something like that be able to exist (or be output as), a widget for iBooks?

9 Aug 2012, 3:26 PM
It should be since it is all html/css/js. However, there might be limits in place set by Apple e.g. I do not know if sounds will work in iBooks Author widgets.