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20 Jan 2008, 10:06 PM
I've created a Rails plugin for both JsBuiler and JsDoc
it works fabulously. kudos to this excellent java JsBuilder tool.

In addition to wrapping JsBuilder, I've also written a wrapper for some work I've been doing on the jsdoc toolkit (http://code.google.com/p/jsdoc-toolkit/)
interested? I could put it into my public SVN for you.

>rake js_builder:build project=my_custom_library
>rake js_builder:build project=my_controller_library

and for building documentation with jsdoc toolkit:

>rake js_builder:document project=my_custom_library

config is defined in a yaml file which maps to the .jsb format. my js_builder plugin creates the .jsb file.

# builds resistor-ext2 tree
:name: Resistor Software Ext2 Library
:path: public/javascripts/resistor-ext2/source
:output: ../deploy
:author: Chris Scott
:version: 2.0
:copyright: Resistor Software
:source: false
:source_dir: $output/source
:minify: true
:min_dir: $output/build
:doc: false
:doc_dir: $path/../docs
:min_dir: $output/build

:name: EverythingInOne
:file: $output/resistor-ext2-all.js
:debug: true
:shorthand: false
:shorthand_list: not sure if this is necessary
- core/RExt.js
- util/Collection.js
- form/vtypes.js
- Page.js
- form/DialogForm.js
- form/Fields.js
- widgets/Plugins.js
- widgets/View.js
- widgets/RPanel.js
- widgets/RegionManager.js
- application/company/CompanyManager.js
- widgets/LoginForm.js

The actual java apps for jsbuilder / jsdoc are held within the plugin's own /lib dir -- you don't need to copy builder to your project directory to get it to work. The plugin will generate the necessary paths and send them to the java executable.

8 Feb 2008, 4:02 PM
interested? I could put it into my public SVN for you.

Yepp me!
have an url?