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12 Aug 2012, 3:20 PM

I need to create a sencha touch application .It will be acting as a cloud interface.It will have the following features-
0.create user specific folders.
1.List all files in the folder from the cloud
2.download a particular file
3.delete a file
4.update a file

I have seen many cloud service offering rest apis. But I dont understand how to approach this solution. Can anyone give me a overview of what are the things I need to do and which cloud service would be best suited.Please give me a brief view how to architect the solution.

I know I can code this , I just need a guide how to build. Please someone help

13 Aug 2012, 12:42 PM

Your question is a bit beyond the scope of the support we can offer in this forum.

Sencha Touch can be used to create a user interface for the kind of app you are trying to build. Sencha.io can provide you with some of the building blocks for your application such as users, messaging and synchronized data stores. However it does not at this time have functionality to upload and download binary data like PDFs.

With those limitation in mind you could create a private or shared sync store that would store the list of PDFs that the user could download. One of the fields in model would be a url to the PDF associated with the record.

How the list of PDFs is initially created and how the files are uploaded and to where is an open question.

We have have two examples that you could use to start your application: todo and data. Both apps can be found in the examples folder of the SDK download.

20 Aug 2012, 7:43 AM
Can anybody give me some example code of implementation of amazon rest services with sencha touch 2??

20 Aug 2012, 7:56 AM

I don't have any direct examples of Sencha Touch 2 and AWS. AWS will most likely require some amount of server code to be written to build the app you are trying to build. In the server language of your choice you would need to create a proxy that would make requests to amazon and forward data to your users.

Id did find some relevant aws docs on how to create temporary urls that allow browsers to directly upload to s3 without going through server code. Though you would need some server code to generate the form in the first place:



I hope this helps. You might also try asking this question to the general sencah touch forum.