View Full Version : [FIXED] BUG: When converting from Box layout -> Border layout

15 Aug 2012, 1:04 PM
Discovered a bug in Architect 2.1.

Create a panel with HBox layout. Add two child panels, set flex to 1 on each

Change layout to Border.

Architect does not completely remove the 'flex' reference (it used to do so in version 2.0). The result is a nasty error from ext-all-dev.js

SyntaxError: missing ] after element list
[Break On This Error]

flex: [object Object],

Advanc...4091316 (line 40, col 34)

Error: The following classes are not declared even if their files have been loaded: 'CCPL.view.AdvancedFilter'. Please check the source code of their corresponding files for possible typos: 'app/view/AdvancedFilter.js
[Break On This Error]

"corresponding files for possible typos: '" + missingPaths.join("', '"));

ext-all-dev.js (line 9757)

To fix the error, enter something into the flex config property of the parent container (the value 1 works fine)....then 'clear' the value from the config.