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15 Aug 2012, 7:10 PM
Architect Build tested:2.1 Build: 584Project Type:Touch 2.xDescription:Everything was working fine, but at somepoint, when I saved the project and refreshed from localhost - got a 404 error message : dc.....404 (Not Found) (Not Found)Investigating app.js I found views: [ 'MyNavigationView',
The name for Navigationview and Tab panel that still shows up in Architect has been over written and saving again doesn't seem to help.Steps to reproduce the problem: Not sure how, but try a project with navigation view and Tabpanel and link a Map compnent to tab panel. like in GeoTweetsThe result that was expected: Well, the name that I specified should have been retained.The result that occurs instead: Name changed in js file to default name, while architect still displays the customized name.Operating System:WinXP Pro

16 Aug 2012, 12:34 PM
Any additional information you can give us about reproducing this issue would be helpful.

16 Aug 2012, 7:32 PM
Aaron, Thanks. Which email address can I send archive of the project to. The problem still persists, I 've been manually updating app.js and another view .js file.

16 Aug 2012, 9:35 PM
Designer.feedback at Sencha.com and include a link to this thread.

17 Aug 2012, 2:48 AM
I've sent it. Thanks.

17 Aug 2012, 8:54 AM
I'll respond here as well:

So it appears that the issue is that MyNavigationView was added as a string rather than a connected instance (from the drop down).

As such it won't udpate. If you add MainNav from the drop down you'll note that it has an icon next to it's name which signifies it's an instance


note how both MyNavigationView and MyTabPanel are just strings. To be honest I'm not sure if this was just how you added them or if it's due to a bug.

17 Aug 2012, 6:01 PM

I dragged and dropped Navigation View from tool box to Views in Project Inspector. Then I changed the userAlias, userClassName and id in property window MainNav. It used to retain that name in previous releases of Architect and even in this, it was for a while before defaulting in app.js file.

I feel there is a bug somewhere, when the code executes certain path. I can't exactly pin point when this started happening during the design process.

One thought, but it is a complete guess, Could it be picking up the names from metadata which may not be maintained properly.

20 Aug 2012, 7:46 AM
Yeah let's both keep an eye on it.

27 Aug 2012, 2:56 AM
I meant to post an update few days back, I changed the required view for my application to MainNav instance by choosing from drop down list. That took care of the issue.

Thanks for all the help. Not sure how to close this 'bug' report.

27 Aug 2012, 8:06 AM
Thanks for all the help. Not sure how to close this 'bug' report.

I've marked as closed.