View Full Version : Not sure if it is in purpose of Combo as setting forceSelection and editable

16 Aug 2012, 5:55 PM

*) Here is the steps to reproduce:
- Create a combo and set its forceSelection and editable properties to true.
- Type a certain text not presenting in the store.
- Then invoking the setValue method with a valid value of the valueField property (not an instance of model) but the control does not find a corresponding record in the store.

*) When I look at the code to debug, I have found something that is probably useful for you:
- In the doQuery method, store is filtered based on the input text and in our case, it is not existing so the store would be empty.
- That's why the next call to the setValue method it would not find a matching record, although it is a valid value (of the valueField property)

*) Currently, in order to fix this kind of issue, I have to clear the filter of the store before setting value even though the clearFilter method is private :-).