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16 Aug 2012, 10:11 PM
pad scrollable issue i am providing the fiddle link http://jsfiddle.net/rajkumart08/p5VQS/1/ the problem is here

$('#demo2 a').tap(function(){ alert('You just tapped "'+$(this).text()+'"'); });
sth should be added here so that we can make it work in ipad... since a popup is created not sure...

<a class="openme">Find ATM Locations</a>
providing my js below

//$('#demo2 a').tap(function(){ alert('You just tapped "'+$(this).text()+'"'); });

if(!Modernizr.touch) {

// If you're on a desktop, show next/prev links for mouse navigation
$('.openme').after('<p><a class="prev">Prev</a> | <a class="next">Next</a></p>');
$('.next').click(function() { $('#demo2').flickable('scrollNext');});
$('.prev').click(function() { $('#demo2').flickable('scrollPrev');});

// Add mouse support
$('#demo2 a').click(function(){ alert('You just clicked "'+$(this).text()+'"'); });

var $menu = $('#menu');
var $arrow = $('#arrow');
var $openme = $('.openme');

// Click "Open Me" button to show the menu
$openme.bind('click', function() {

// Position menu to where button is
// Position menu above button
top: $openme[0].offsetTop - $menu.height() - parseFloat($arrow.css('border-top-width')),
left: $openme[0].offsetLeft
// Position arrow correctly
left: $openme[0].offsetLeft+$openme.width()-parseFloat($arrow.css('border-top-width'))*2

// Toggle menu's opacity


16 Aug 2012, 10:12 PM
This isn't a JQuery forum, I'd suggest you post on their discussion group.