View Full Version : [FIXED] property editor "resists" changing some values

18 Aug 2012, 2:59 AM
For example:

1. create a new store
2. select the proxy
3. go to the "limitParam" property
4. it will have the value "limit" by default, select the cell that contains the world "limit", the word "limit" will be highlighted in blue
5. hit backspace to remove the work "limit"
6. press return
7. the property value is reset to the word "limit" (arg...).

So how to remove the value? In the docs popup for "limitParam" it says it should be undefined if you don't want the param to appear in the url. It can be unset using some variation of the following actions:

1. Select the word "limit". Hit the space bar, press return. Look at the code: now you've set the limitParam value to a space character (' ').
2. Select the limitParam value again (which is now a space). Press backspace and hit return. This time Architect takes the change. Look at the code, it is now set to an empty string.

p.s. is the empty string consider an undefined value per the docs for the limitParam? Maybe clarify that also.