View Full Version : Architect Project Not Saving, Not Responding

21 Aug 2012, 12:38 PM
I have a Sencha Architect 2.1 (build 588) project that is no longer saving.

The size on disk of the entire project, including all resources, is 91.8MB. The size on disk of the 'app' folder is 7.73 MB.

Project Composition:
Sencha Touch Project
6 Stores
13 Models
16 Controllers

[EDIT] Using Windows 7

All of a sudden, the project will not save. If I click the 'Save' button, or select File->Save or SaveAs, Architect hangs and eventually says (Not Responding) and never recovers. If I just navigate around the project a little bit, switching between components, eventually it does the same Not Responding thing.

I am trying to convince my bosses that Architect is a good tool for us to use instead of hand-coding, and this error is taking the legs out from under my otherwise compelling arguments.

I've found little posts here and there about project size becoming an issue at some point with Architect, and I was under the impression that 2.1 was fixing that. Is there a size limit to what we can effectively produce with Architect? Thanks, in advance, for your insight into this troublesome issue.

22 Aug 2012, 10:26 AM
I found that the issue was with a particular view in my project. It was a list which uses the List Paging Plugin, and the Pull Refresh Plugin. I still don't quite know why it was causing such problems in Architect, but after deleting the metadata associated with it, the project now saves like normal.
I would still be very interested to hear from the dev team about this issue, and it might help others to know how to avoid this issue. I am definitely glad that it is not a problem with the size of the project, but a strange issue with a particular view configuration is also worrisome.