View Full Version : Unable to set the values in the HTML form element

24 Aug 2012, 4:18 AM
We are using Sencha Touch 2.0 and iOS , In the offline mode we are not able to set the value in the HTML form element. Please refer the below code in which the number 04 need to set in the run time.

xtype: 'panel',
align: 'center',
centered: true,
html:'<div id="ftraslink" class="ftraslink" style="display:inline-block; margin-right:6%;"><img src="resources/images/dashboard/ftr_assessment_img.png" /><div style="position:absolute; margin:-200px 0 0 90px; color:#9b680f; font-size:32px"> 04 </div></div>'

26 Aug 2012, 5:54 AM
You could use a template and the data to parse data into HTML.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by HTML form element as I don't see any form in your code.

15 Feb 2013, 6:01 AM
could you please share the examples for template and data.