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20 Feb 2007, 9:55 AM
Jack - I think you might want to take your forums and organize them a bit more..... I recommend upgrading to the following organization to make things easier to find:

- Development Discussion
-1.0.X Ext Discussion
Subforums: Bugs
-Feature Requests
-Examples & Extras

JS Builder - hasnt' had a post in 2 weeks

20 Feb 2007, 10:21 AM
We are planning on reorganizing things more when we move to the new site. Drupal has support for nested forums and other stuff and in general seems like a much better piece of software.

20 Feb 2007, 10:26 AM
Are you switching to another forum board?

20 Feb 2007, 2:31 PM
As the forum traffic increases, people will need & benefit from a more efficient UI. I like to get immersed and read everything and post when I can. If the traffic gets too high I won't be able to and will probably end up as a lurker via an RSS feed.

Hopefully the new forum could be surfaced via a nice Ext BorderLayout based UI with killer usability. Productivity will go up and the world will be saved :D