View Full Version : grid pane with row expander plugin: unable to showing text from the record

30 Aug 2012, 6:09 AM
I am using grid pane with row expander plugin.

Its model has two fields, name[String] and status [String]. When the store is loaded, it only has name values. Status values comes form another service.

Question: How to show status in the expander area? If in template I use {status}, then it is always empty, as I am manually updating the record.

Problem : Since status is not loaded in the store, it comes from different server, I am inserting the status in the record using function record.set('status', 'Status values that comes form service').

So in template {status} is empty.

How to handle this situation? When one service brings list of names, and another service brings list of status?


30 Aug 2012, 6:25 AM
Would it be better to gather all the information before populating and displaying the grid?


30 Aug 2012, 8:06 PM
The problem is that I have a list of names that comes from one service. And status comes from another source [more precisely, from the presence of XMPP/Strophe].

So whenever the status comes for a name, then update the store. To update status, I iterated over the records of the store and set the status value of the corresponding record.

Problem : When I user {status} in the template of the row-expander, the status is always blank.

I don't know when the status will be updated. Also at one time, status comes for only one name and I have to update the status of record of store corresponding to that name.