View Full Version : LiveGridView resize doesnt update rows correctly

4 Sep 2012, 10:59 PM
we are using 2.2.5.
we are using a livegridview within our page.
When resizing the page , the grid size is also resized , and LiveGridView.resize() is called , but I noticed that updateRows doesnt get called because the getVisibleRowCount is already updated to the new number of rows at the start of the method so when doing the execute of the command oldCount == getVisibleRowCount . This leaves me with a larger grid but with no new rows so I get a lot of empty space in the grid.
Is this a bug , or is there something I must do in order for it to work correctly ?. I see that the resize is called from within the LiveGridView.layout(bool skipResize) , but by then the getVisibleRowCount is already adjusted to the new number of rows so as mentioned oldCount == getVisibleRowCount so updateRows will NOT be called.

Please help