View Full Version : Ext.panel.Panel header property - no doc link

12 Sep 2012, 6:24 AM
The Ext.panel.Panel header property has no documentation link.

It is important that this has a document link because it is, effectively, a "three state" boolean: true, false, and undefined where each state has a different meaning. To hide the panel header, if one's code is also setting the title value, this property must be selected then unselected in order to change it from undefined to false. There is an important difference between undefined and false that is only clear by reading the documentation. It is easy, via the Architect interface, to confuse undefined and false since both are an unchecked check box, the difference is only apparent by looking at the code or noticing the "x" on the right side of the value cell that indicates the property has been changed from its default.

In addition, the docs should be clearer about the three state nature of the config property. I only discovered that via google when I was having trouble hiding the header.