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12 Sep 2012, 10:54 PM
hi all,

I am using following code on tap of a button in my app to add some item to my cart on the server.

url : localStorage.getItem('serverPath') + 'addToCart.php',
//callbackKey: 'callback',
params: {
strEmail: sessionStorage.getItem('loginUserId'),
customerId: sessionStorage.getItem('customerId'),
productSKU: sizeRecord[0].get('sizeSkuModifier') + productInfoStore.get('sku') + finishRecord.get('text'),//"MC-3X51073460",=> sizeSkuModifiers + SKU + ColorSKUModifiers
productPrice: finishRecord.get('price'),
productID: productInfoStore.get('productId'),
variantID: finishRecord.get('variantId'),
quantity: '1',
chosenColor: color,
chosenColorSKUModifier: colorSKU,
chosenSize: sizeRecord[0].get('size'),
chosenSizeSKUModifier: sizeRecord[0].get('sizeSkuModifier')
success: function(response,opts) {

sessionStorage.setItem('customerId', response.addItemsToCartResult);//store customerId for future use
localStorage.setItem('customerId', response.addItemsToCartResult);

if(cartStoreOffline.getCount() != 0) {
me.offlineCartItemsPanel = Ext.create('Wilsonart.view.tablet.OfflineCartItems');
else {

failure: function(response,opts) {
if (response.timedout) {
Ext.Msg.alert(captions.get('timeout'), captions.get('serverTimeout'));
else if (response.aborted) {
Ext.Msg.alert(captions.get('aborted'), captions.get('requestAborted'));
} else {
Ext.Msg.alert(captions.get('bad'), captions.get('invalidRequest'));

It works fine except that it makes multiple entries on the server even I have tapped the button only once. To overcome the situation I disabled the button once it is tapped and I am enabling it only after receiving response from server. but it also doesn't works.

Please help me.

16 Sep 2012, 4:35 PM
If it's only being executed only once then there will only be one request. Is it being executed more than once?

16 Sep 2012, 11:46 PM
Thanks Mitchell. I found the problem. It was sending multiple request when I was testing the app on browser(I don't now why?). but it was running fine on iPad.