View Full Version : Panel is not shown in Chrome but in iOS Simulator

16 Sep 2012, 11:19 PM
Hello Guys, have a really annoing problem within my app. I'm using a Ext.Container (card layout) with 3 panels on it. If i change from my "third" to my "second" panel i get an blank screen in Chrome & Safari. In the iOS Simulator everything is quite well, the panel is shown. So i opened the chrome developer tools, because i wanted to see if there's a error in the console line, and then the panel was shown. the obscure thing about that is that this only works on my computer. Tried this "bug" at a collegues computer and nothing was shown, only blank screen. Does anyone of you have a solution for this problem ? Why does opening the developer tools, affect my panel ?

Here's the code where i switch the panels in my controller :

goBackToList: function(button) { mc = this.getMainContainer();

note: My second panel on the container is a list, which i have to filter, because it's data is nested. i can't use a nested list in this case because the jsonp response isn't nested. I always filter with a parentId of each record. Due to my problem i removed the filter, so that it should only switch the panels from activeItem(2) to activeItem(1), but the problem is still the same...

17 Sep 2012, 1:20 AM
it seems that the problem is solved. I pushed a text into an array. I commented this lines, it doesn't work. After i uncomment this lines it still works, this is kinda crazy and i'm puzzled right now...never thought that an simple array could cause such trouble xD