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17 Sep 2012, 1:38 AM
Hi guys
I've a problem with application. i've created a grid, there are all information take from database, but i've a problem some informations are not shown in grid, i checked the problem inside the database but there it's all ok there are all information, i continue to check the problem and i noted all accented words don't show in my grid.
The field grid is empty


in the DB: there this is infomation (i'm italian)

Che cos' la luna?

my problem in the letter " " but all period i my grid don't show field is empty

ONLY ACCENTED WORD (,,, ) and field grid is empty all period..

i can't show accented words in my grid..

i try to found information on the web but nothing...

Someone can i help me please?

17 Sep 2012, 3:10 AM
Have you checked that your data is being returned from database in valid form?
At this point it unclear whether your back-end is causing the error or ExtJS is.