View Full Version : [DUP] SA does not provide a way to register listeners for gridpanel cellclick

21 Sep 2012, 7:08 AM
Spent the morning trying to grok how to capture cellclick events from a gridpanel. Fortunately, stumbled across this thread:


S (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?227525-OnCellSelectionModelSelect-is-getting-called-twice-on-a-single-click-in-Architect&p=890200)eems like this is a known limitation since ExtJs 4.x removed the click() events from gridpanel. Is there any plans to either re-add this, or provide an alternate mechanism for developers to listen for cellclick?

What was really a painful omission was the lack of documentation required to create the appropriate listener signature. Finally got it sorted out, but it was a time killer.

21 Sep 2012, 7:53 AM
Of course you could always add a selection model and then subscribe to the cellclick from there.

The next update has hoisted the relayed events to grid.

21 Sep 2012, 8:35 AM
Tried that. But the 'Ext.selection.CellModel' does not provide a cellclick event through SA. The only event available in SA that gets close to click is 'select'.

We might have even run with that, except for the following limitation. Say you drop an icon in the cell and want to be notified when the icon is clicked. The 'select' event refuses to fire when you click the icon, only if you aim your mouse to click in the cell but NOT on the icon.