View Full Version : Question about best practice to load, delete, save data from xml files

28 Sep 2012, 4:51 AM
Hello Sencha Community,
i am trying to build a little application where i can display data from xml in an editable grid view.

I am using the store model to display data from xml files - which works nice.

My Question is:
- What is the best practice to do: delete, insert, update data based on xml files?
- As I understand this has to be done with some script on the server - or is the Ext.data.writer.xml what i am looking for?
- Can i handle this via thy snyc method of the store using a php file? (found no example here)

My goal is to save the changes made in the grid in the xml file.

Since i am new to sencha and the syntax maybe there is some nice tutorial for tasks like this which i missed
or point me the right direction?

Thanks and Greetz,

1 Oct 2012, 11:26 AM
I have not tried this, as I use PHP/MySQL, but here is a post that may help: