View Full Version : Help : LiveGridView Scrollbar jumps to begining in IE 9

3 Oct 2012, 5:17 AM
We have a LiveGridView with data. when scrolling in IE 9 , the scrollbar jumps back to the begining
Any idea.

9 Oct 2012, 6:18 AM
What framework and version is this question meant for?

9 Oct 2012, 7:02 AM
we are using gxt2.2.5 (gwt).
BTW seems that the problem was causes by a css property overflow .when removing this property the problem does not reproduce. the body had the overflow property overflow: hidden. and the #wrapper was overflow:auto. these two caused the issue. But we still dont understand why.
Any idea.?
Any idea why ?

9 Oct 2012, 7:05 AM
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