View Full Version : Failed to build on RHEL5 x86

4 Oct 2012, 7:49 AM
The "sencha ant build"command return an error on RHEL 5.

[INFO ] Capturing theme image
[ERROR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: phantomjs process exited with code 127 :
[ERROR] /opt/Sencha/Cmd/ error while loading shared libraries: /opt/Sencha/Cmd/ ELF file OS ABI invalid
[ERROR] at com.sencha.command.theme.ThemeCommands$CaptureCommand.execute(ThemeCommands.java:201)
[ERROR] at com.sencha.command.theme.ThemeCommands$BuildCommand.execute(ThemeCommands.java:142)

I am using the latest version of command :

I had the same error on phantomjs with the 2.X senchaSDK tools

I do not have this error on ubuntu 12.04 x64

Do someone have an idea on how to fix this ?

5 Oct 2012, 10:25 PM
It sounds like a PhantomJS issue. We are looking at options to remove PhantomJS that would leverage new Java API's in JRE 7. We are not ready to do that just yet because the switch over will take some effort. Would JRE 7 be an option if/when we get to that point?

9 Oct 2012, 7:57 AM
Yes it's a phantomJS build issue. It was compiled with a debian/ubuntu and the libs just not work with our RHEL version and maybe with all RPM based distrib.

I was able to fix this issue with https://github.com/jbraeuer/phantomjs-rpms instructions. I build my own RPM and replace phantomjs 1.5 from Sencha Cmd with a symbolic link to the server version.

If you change phantomJs version in a future Cmd release, it might be a good idea to include the change in the changelog so I can compile the new phantomJS version.

For JRE 7, If this can help you to build a more reliable tool than I would say let's go !