View Full Version : Ext.Loader.disableCaching with custom behavior?

8 Oct 2012, 3:56 AM
From what I can tell as soon as I set disableCaching to true, ExtJS always used Ext.Date.now() as a parameter. Since we're still having problems with packaging our classes using sencha cms we're sticking with using the autoloader even on production systems. Not the best way to go, I know.
But: If i could customize the disableCaching behavior to use our version number rather than the current timestamp I could at least prevent everything from having to be remotely loaded every time i switch the systems into debug mode.

I was thinking of something like

disableCachingValue: '12345'


disableCachingFunc: function() {...}

Would be a great addition to the class autloader imho.

10 Oct 2012, 9:31 AM
I can see it being useful if Ext.Loader wasn't just a development tool. What issues are you having with Sencha Cmd?

10 Oct 2012, 11:48 AM
Its not sencha cmd as such causing the problem, its more the way our application actually works when loading. We have a 3 step loading mechanism:

Initialize Ext with some of our internal classes
Load data caches (module data, i18n data, etc.)
Initialize UI

Due to how our application evolved from a frame-based non-ext application to a frame-based ExtJS3 app to a frameless ExtJS4 interface we now use, there is hardly anything I can do about our initialization process.
For me that means I actually need sencha cms to spit out 2 separate JS files, one with the core components we need for initializing our data caches and one that gets loaded _after_ data initialization is complete.