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10 Oct 2012, 4:23 PM
Have been using the 30 day trial or Architect. Have come from doing manual ST2 development and must say I am beginning to enjoy this tool.

Had some issues today which have concerned me.

1. A controller i have created is no longer detected in the top level application js file. It appears in the project inspector, along with all the actions i created. I created a new controller, this appears in the application js file. I tried manually adding the controller to the application js file. When i loaded the project in architect it removed my changes.

2. The code in the top level controller(from above) differs from that in the controller actions I have defined.

For example I have a controller action: tap onMyButtonTap

The editable code that appears when i click on the action itself (in the project inspector) is different from the code for that action in non-editable parent controller.

3. It also reverted my code to a state from multiple saves/deploys/days ago. How can this happen?

We will buy multiple copies of this application, provided these issues can be fixed/explained etc.

Daniel McDonald

11 Oct 2012, 10:25 AM
Daniel -

1) All of the generated code is managed by Architect. If you make these changes within Architect, all will go well. Making changes in the generated code manually will not cause it to be picked up and recognized by Architect. To add the controller in Architect click on the Application node and then in the config pane go to "controllers" and type in the name of your controller. It will automatically assume "YourApp.controller."

2) If I understand this correctly, it sounds like a bug. The top level class/code is showing different content than what is actually in an individual method? Can you provide us steps to reproduce?

3) This should never happen. I suspect that maybe you manually edited portions of generated code and expected it to be picked up by Architect. This isn't how it works. Any overrides that you create through the interface (or js/css files that you link through the resource system) are treated as just plain text and if you change it outside of Architect, it *will* pick it up.

12 Oct 2012, 2:45 AM
I've a similar problem.
Every time I save my project I have to manually modify my app.js generated code cause it is different from the Application item in Sencha Architect

31 Oct 2012, 2:58 PM
Any updates for the questions I had above?