View Full Version : WHAT SENCHA TEAM WAIT ?!

12 Oct 2012, 4:02 AM
Just to have a "coup de gueule" about the Sencha Team !

You're doing great job, but I ask myself if the product are well tested ?!

It is impossible that you release product (even in "beta") with such issues - i'am talking about the "sencha ant build" which gives a "non-usable application" !!

The "localStorage" application saving is a great idea, but actually this is a mess...

Please consider our requestes, please consider quickly fix the Sencha Cmd Tool !

12 Oct 2012, 5:52 AM
The "localStorage" application saving is a great idea, but actually this is a mess...

I'm not sure why you say this. I have been using this for ST2 apps in several apps with no issues. This mechanism has been around for a while now.

Also, comments like these are not really productive. If you have a bug to file, file the bug and we will fix it when that bug's priority has come around.

12 Oct 2012, 6:29 AM
Hi mitchellsimoens,

I do not want to be "productive-here" (i'am at work, in life, etc...), i just want to point that, even if we/i follow the standard procedure to deploy our application, it is a mess, and i've spent 3 days to find a "workarround" to have it, see my post about sencha ant build :


Touch and Extjs are really good products, but it take pain to have them work fully !

Sorry if my words are a little bit "provocateur"...

12 Oct 2012, 6:34 AM
I/we don't mind criticism, we want the bugs to get found and reported so that we can fix them. All software will have bugs and always will and yes we have had our fair share but we also have great teams that work very hard at fixing bugs and implementing new features that the community is wanting.

I personally haven't used the ant build but generating an app and doing builds is working perfectly for me. The app is saving to localStorage and launching from localStorage perfectly for me.