View Full Version : [FIXED] All Metadata's re-write themselves when saving a Architect regardless of changes.

23 Oct 2012, 11:36 AM

Architect Build tested:

Build: 640

Project Type:

ExtJS 4.1


Were using Team Foundation Server for source control, which uses the read only flag for file locking. with that in mind, Architect, returns an error on every single file that's read only saying it was unable to save the file, regardless of having been edited or not.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

Mark All Meta Files as Read only. excluding ones that need to be edited
Save the Project in Architect

The result that was expected:

No Errors while saving. Except in the case, where a meta file that was locked was edited.

The result that occurs instead:

An error saying the "the following files failed to save" with a list of every meta file, that is locked, regardless to having been edited or not.


Screenshot, Project, or Video:

not provided

Possible fix:

not provided

Operating System:

Win7 Pro

14 Nov 2012, 11:11 AM
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This should obviously only write out files based on if they are going to change.