View Full Version : Extjs 4.1 Sprite surface post zoom mouse over issue in IE7

27 Oct 2012, 11:18 AM

I am a newbie to Extjs 4.x.. Recently i am involved with Extjs 4.1 related code. In one of the views built with Extjs 4.1 draw component, a Sprite (type Path) was added to the Surface component. This sprite has then been rotated by 65 degrees on Surface. A mouse over listener event has been added on the rotated Sprite which displays a tool tip. Now this rotated Sprite displays properly on the Surface in IE7 (along with mouse over tooltip). When this Surface is zoomed programatically by setting the Style of this surface( involving the "zoom" parameter), this rotated Sprite zooms up fine in IE 7, but the mouse over tooltip starts behaving strangely in IE7, i.e. by hovering the mouse outside the edges of this rotated sprite, the tooltip starts getting displayed, whereas by hovering on some portion within the Sprite, the tooltip doesnot get displayed at all strangely. This behaviour is more pronounced as we increase the zoom programatically further in IE7. Request to kindly help me by informing me with the reason for this strange behaviour in IE7 and can any code fix resolve this issue in IE 7 ? I am currently not in possession of the source code but have listed above the sequence of steps followed in code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.