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30 Oct 2012, 2:46 AM
We are looking to use Sencha Desktop Packager & have a couple of questions before proceeding with the same.

First, we would like to know & try this with a Trial version of this software if available, this will help us to ensure that this is really going to be of use for an end product we are building

Second, Our application has some *.jar files which basically contains some critical business logic written in Java. We would like to understand & know that how this can be packaged i.e. would it require us to package a web server or if there is something readily available with ‘Sencha Desktop Packager’.

Third, are there any compatibility standard defined for an application packaged with ‘Sencha Desktop Packager’ & running as native app on Windows platform?

1 Nov 2012, 9:10 AM
1: You would have to contact sales for this question. sales@sencha.com

2: The packager is geared towards packaging a web app to be a native app. It's basically just a webkit browser so if it can run in a browser it will be able to be packaged.

3: Like I said in #2, if it runs in the browser it should have no problems in a packaged app.