View Full Version : [FIXED] wrong parameters in added event "canceledit" in RowEditorPlugin

30 Oct 2012, 3:31 AM
Architect Build tested:

Build: 640

Project Type:

ExtJS 4.1


Wrong parameters are given to an added event canceledit on a RowEditorPlugin

Steps to reproduce the problem:

New Project
Add a Grid Panel,
Add the RowEditorPlugin to the Grid Panel
Add a Basic Event "canceledit" to the Grid Panel

The result that was expected:

Parameters of the canceledit Event should be like in the docs: "editor, e, eOpts" (or "editor, e, options" like in the other added events)

The result that occurs instead:

Parameters of the canceledit Event are: "grid, options"

Screenshot, Project, or Video:

attached bugscreen.png

Possible fix:

not provided

Operating System:

Gentoo Linux

30 Oct 2012, 9:47 AM
Thanks for the report, we'll get this fixed.