View Full Version : ComboBox looses focus (iPad)

30 Oct 2012, 6:34 AM

yeah I know, ExtJS is not necessarily the perfect tool to develop mobile web apps, but anyways.

On my website I have a combobox with a remotely queried typeahead selection. Now on the desktop this works great, one starts typing, the browser finds similar names and makes suggestions. On the iPad it also works great if one types fast enough.
The problem is, that the textinputfield quickly looses the focus once one start typing. Unfortunately one cannot easily set the focus back in the textfield as this feature is disabled in mobile safari in general. I played around with the typeAhead- and queryDelay with no success so I don't think, it is the remote query that is to blame here. I also tried manipulating the checkChange parameters, but also without success .. now I am out of ideas.

Has anybody run into similar problems and found a solution? Any help is appreciated.