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2 Nov 2012, 12:10 PM
Hi, I was working previously with EXTjs 4.01, 4.02, 4.0.7 and now with 4.1

Starting with the 4.0.7 I was using the "compiler" of Sencha, and results were great

We have the application (web) with a size of 600kB all compressed and working, just with the commands:

sencha create jsb -a http://myApp/ -p app.jsb3

editing the name of the company and little changes to the jsb3 file and then doing:

sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d .
and then moving the generated files to the "build" folder

move all-classes.js client/build/all-classes.js

move app-all.js client/build/app-all.js

and then in our project just changing the files to use those files instead of a normal "development" stage, in wich only the ext.js core file and the app-all.js file will be loaded.

Now I migrated our 4.0.7 to the 4.1.2a and in "developing stage" it does work great, doing the load as it need the files.

But now I started to "compile" and found the Sencha Cmd, that is replacing our "old" way to compile

My question, is how I do to get the same result as before, I have read all
that I found on the local docs like

"Developing Multi-Page Ext JS Apps"
"Advanced Sencha Cmd"
"Sencha Compiler Reference"

but I am very confused now

Please, can someone help me?
I read several pages on the forum, but found nothing on how to deal with this.

What I'm trying to do is just, group all files of our MVC project and EXTjs core in a small compresed file.

If there is a thread of this, or a page, or a video, anything, I would apreciate it.

5 Nov 2012, 6:39 AM
To use Sencha Cmd to it's fullest you should generate an app with Cmd and copy your app files over. To generate do this:

cd /path/to/extjs
sencha generate app MyAppName /path/to/MyAppName

Then to build you simply do this:

cd /path/to/MyAppName
sencha app build

6 Nov 2012, 6:00 AM
Thanks, that was what I wanted to know.