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6 Nov 2012, 1:03 PM
Using the just-released GA .

I don't quite understand the "sencha generate form"/"sencha generate view" commands. It says the "view" form is ExtJS only and won't allow it with Touch. And for "sencha generate form", it creates a skeleton that's not really appropriate for a lot of views: descended from FieldSet, has a TextField and Submit button hardcoded into the skeleton.

Also, it creates all the forms as "default.view.______" where ______ is the --name parameter. I haven't figured out how to get it to use the actual name of your app instead of "default" (passing --name=MyApp.view.MyView results in app/view/MyApp/view/______).

I don't really understand the point of the Sencha cmd if it's going to create a bunch of stuff you're going to have to go back and edit so much. Before using it to generate my objects, I just created the new file by hand and pasted the skeleton in from another of my views/profiles/controllers/etc. Sencha cmd seems like it create a lot of gotchas when you forget to clean up after its inappropriate assumptions.

25 Jul 2013, 4:11 AM
if SDKs are different then why not keep separate cmd for extjs and touch. Cmd was never without problems and still seems running without quality assurance?

the generate command created js files but did not update app.js. (just a simple example of problems)