View Full Version : [OPEN] [2.1 Charts] No extra space between categories

Steffen Hiller
7 Nov 2012, 6:26 AM
Here's a comparison between ST version 1 and 2 of a chart with a category y-axis:

Version 1:

Version 2:

In Touch Charts 1's screenshot you see that there was more space between the categories which made the chart more readable.
Is that adjustable in 2.1 or a bug?

7 Nov 2012, 8:09 AM
I think this may be because of gutter bug but I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

Steffen Hiller
8 Nov 2012, 5:45 AM
Just found out about minBarWidth, maxBarWidth, minGapWidth and inGroupGapWidth,
so I was able to configure the chart to display as desired.

So from my side this bug can be closed.