View Full Version : Is it possible for the graph to automatically figure out how many axis labels to show

12 Nov 2012, 3:48 PM
Most graphing packages will automatically show a reasonable amount of axis labels based on the amount of data and the size of the graph, but it doesn't look like ext will do this. Is this possible or planned? If we are showing the graph in a window that can be resized, the number of labels may need to change dynamically as the window is resized.

We are currently trying to come up with a reasonable step just based on the amount of data, (which obviously isn't sufficient), but even aside from the sizing issues, there is always an extra step/label put on the graph. So if we are showing a years worth of data with points every 3 months, we typically see the graph go 3 to 6 months into the future, with the last point always being empty. I can report this as a bug, but I'd rather have the graph just put them on automatically.