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siebe vos
23 Nov 2012, 3:57 AM

Architect Build tested: 2.1.0

Build: 676

Project Type:

ExtJS 4.0.7


This morning I started with a whole new project design (RelationPerformance.xds)
I first designed the whole screen as you can see in the xds, so I could use this as a screen design.
When I wanted to publish, I got the message that my combo's were missing stores (which is correct)
I created the stores (array stores) and in Architect the combo's showed the loaded values correctly
When I published the app and ran it I got an errormessage (me.store is undefined somewhere in the bind of the Ext Combobox component (StoreManager lookup)
After looking into older projects I noticed that the 'stores' config in the app.js is missing and not generated by Architect (I now added them myself to the app.js but of course Architect overwrites this)

Steps to reproduce the problem:

See above

The result that was expected:

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The result that occurs instead:

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Screenshot, Project, or Video:

attached xsd / screenshot

Possible fix:

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Operating System:

Windows 7

siebe vos
23 Nov 2012, 4:27 AM
Also when doing save as and republish the app on a total different location does not make any difference.
Hereby the code I had to add in the app.js

stores: [

26 Nov 2012, 8:24 AM
Architect should be automatically populating that 'stores' array when you add the stores to the project. It shows up as a config when you select the Application node in the inspector. If your stores are not getting added to that array automatically, then something is going wrong internally. Did you add your stores in any special way? Did you rename them or take some other action on the stores once created? Any help you can give narrowing this down would be appreciated.

FYI attaching the .xds file isn't enough to open it, we need the rest of the project metadata too. Could you attach an archive of your project instead? (File->Archive Project)

siebe vos
26 Nov 2012, 11:49 AM
Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply! To narrow it down is kind of hard. The only thing I know what I did different than otherwise is that I first created the layout of the screen (needed this to send to Sencha care for a performance issue in IE9). When I published the message came that stores needed to be connected to the combo's. I created these stores (did not rename them), also loading worked and then published again (without the warnings of the missing stores). Probably you will find something in the xda (by the way archiving does not work nor give a warning when you archive in the same folder as where the xds is in). 40360

After I had the problem I created a new project and first created the stores before publishing and with that one (very simple form) I had no problems. I haven't tried to reproduce this because it is quite some work to build such a complex and large screen.

Thanks again!



P.s. The project is renamed but the same as shown in the initial ticket

26 Nov 2012, 12:39 PM
Thanks for the project archive. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, and adding new stores populates the array as expected.

We'll definitely keep an eye out going forward for cases where new stores aren't added to the stores array, but unfortunately I don't see anything here that will help us find it. Please let us know if you reproduce it again and can provide more info.

In the meantime, you can populate the 'stores' array on the Application manually as a one-time fix.