View Full Version : Compass.app for Windows, what is the path?

28 Nov 2012, 4:14 PM
Compass.app for Windows, what is the PATH - to compass from within compass.app?


Our development team previously runs sass through compass.app (windows version) for PC.
When I run sencha app build I get the "compass not found" and I am thinking this is because it is not recognizing compass.app in the PATH.

Is it possible to use Sencha Cmd with Compass.app?

Does anyone have an example PATH to compass (on windows) to help me out?
I know how to set the Environment Variable, but I am having difficulty finding what the equivalent target of compass would be for compass.app.

Lastly, since I have compass working separately, I tried the sencha.cfg setting, skip.sass=1, but I noticed that this results in none of the CSS being moved to the build.

Is there a setting that skips compass but still moves the css files over?

Thanks in advance for any tips. :-?

All the best!

12 Dec 2012, 3:00 PM
Admin on github project indicated that this is a feature that they are considering for Compass.App. So at current, this sounds like the best option is to install windows ruby and gems. FYI.