View Full Version : Control styles totally in external css file?

29 Nov 2012, 6:08 PM
Is there a best practice to apply styles in css file?
I have tried to customize a button in css, but the code is really arbitrary, the style is always not the way I want to, so I have to size the button in js code.
Also some layout control, e.g. width, height properties. It just doesn't work what I want.
Some thing happens at 'layout' process, that the extjs framework calculate absolute size for me at runtime, and at most time it overrides my css style.
I want to write a component in js, and styles it in css, don't u think it is a very common idea?

1 Dec 2012, 7:41 AM
For layouts, they will many times have to calculate the sizes for items so then things need to be in JS for that to really happen. Otherwise things would have to be rendered and then be resized which does not perform very well especially on IE.