View Full Version : [INFOREQ] [2.1] Sheets / ActionSheets / Picker flying of the screen

Steffen Hiller
4 Dec 2012, 4:38 AM
Since some 2.1 preview version, can't remember exactly which, sheets that are supposed to slide in from the bottom fly off the screen on Chrome, iOS and Android.

This has something to do with the show animation, turning it off fixes it.

I wasn't able to reproduce this in the kitchensink nor isolate it yet. In the isolated test I did the other day it worked.

Still thought I file a bug, maybe somebody else can provide more info. :)

4 Dec 2012, 7:24 AM
Just tried this on a couple different devices and could not reproduce. Would need to repro it to find the bug:

var actionSheet = Ext.create('Ext.ActionSheet', {
items : [
text : 'Delete draft',
ui : 'decline'
text : 'Save draft'
text : 'Cancel',
ui : 'confirm'


13 Apr 2013, 9:11 AM
This is happening with all of my ActionSheets, Pickers, selectfields. Was working in, broken in 2.1.1. Sometimes they fly off the top of the screen and then come back, sometimes they disappear entirely and just leave a blank screen which breaks the app entirely. A quick search of the forums shows that this has been buggy for a year.

Couple of easy ways to reproduce. Take the bottom-docked tab panel example, add a card layout to one of the tabs, add a FormPanel to one of the cards, add a selectfield to the form. Works ok the very first time you click on the selectfield, but then cancel it and try to select it again and it breaks from that point on.

On another card, add a button or link or something that opens a Picker. Same behavior.

Also on the same bottom tab panel, add a Container to the Viewport with a toolbar docked to the top, with a button in the toolbar that creates an ActionSheet. Show it and hide it a few times. Same behavior.

If I add a hide listener that destroys the ActionSheet after a brief timeout, that works, but I need my form elements and Pickers to exist.